The History of the Merritts Chairlift

In 1968, the ground-breaking design of the Merritts double chair captivated Thredbo visitors when it was installed. It was a state-of-the-art double chairlift built and shipped out from the American manufacturer Civil & Civic, based on Riblet style design. Spanning a length of 1350m, a vertical rise of 297m and transit time of 15 minutes, Merritts Chairlift was a ground-breaking addition to Thredbo’s then lifting infrastructure. Merritts Chairlift was the third chairlift build in Thredbo, initially named “Chairlift #3”, following Crackenback (now Kosciuszko Express) as the first, Ramshead as the second and Snowgums as the fourth. In 2003, Merritts Chairlift received a new drive station by Doppelmayr, setting it up for its final 16 years of operation.

51 years later, Thredbo prepares for the build of the new Merritts Gondola over this 2019/2020 summer, and the historic Merritts Chairlift will be decommissioned and disassembled commencing 8 October 2019. 112 of the 123 chairs and akjas will be sold via this online charity auction. The entire proceeds will be distributed amongst nominated local charities and non-for-profit organisations via the EVT Company Giving Program. Read more about the new Merritts Gondola